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Celestial Jazz Expansions (75 minutes)
Its time again for BendingCorner's annual trip down the cosmic jazzways. Like previous years, this set travels amoung the celestial bodies of the kozmigroov elite as well as the cosmic underground. From well-known to unknown we set the needle on the space groove and expand to beyond.
Femme Fatale (70 minutes)
A celebration of women bending their corners. Yes, this is a spotlight on female groovers, but its so much more... These are more than just females singing in a male band. These are tunes where the woman is front and center as the leader, the creator, the artist, the name-sake. And, though there are a number of the typical names you'll find on a "women of" collection, this set showcases the groovie bent side of the available material.
Zawinderful (78 minutes)
Jazz fusion legend Josef Zawinul passed away on September 11th and this is BendingCorners' homage to his genre-defining and category-bending music. The tunes presented here date from 1967 to 1975 and span Joe's three main groups: Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis, and Weather Report. All songs were composed by Joe and feature Joe on a range of keyboards.
Hornin' 'Round (classic) (81 minutes)
Its trumpet time at BendingCorners! This first of a two volume series showcases some of BC's favorite trumpet players from the sixties and seventies. As per usual, we highlight the more "bent" side of the trumpet spectrum. These guys are smokin' hot!
Modern Architecture (79 minutes)
Rummaging through the archives, we pullout a modern jazz groove set spun live, in the field, and on the fly. This is the second half of a two part set in which BendingCorners provided the musical atmosphere for an architectural art show. Where as part one focused on classic architectural atmospheres, this set shines light on the more modern scene.
BabyCorners, Hush (70 minutes)
Got an infant or toddler and are tired of cheesy new age baby lullaibies? Get hip, and try out this mix on your little one. It has been specifically designed for children, and their musically discerning parents. The music was carefully choosen to soothe, chill, and hush your child (and/or you) into a pleasant bliss.
Afro Jazz Jive (65 minutes)
Spanning four decades and a number of styles this set explores African inspired jazz-n-groove. Purposely by-passing the well known acts, we go beyond the standard afrobeat fare for a deeper broader mix. Feel the groove and jive on.
Jazzatronic 2006 (70 minutes)
April has become the month for BendingCorner's annual feature of the standout "jazzatronic" tunes from the past year. Like previous years, this set showcases BC's favorite examples of the continual use and merging of electronics, jazz instrumentation, and modern production techniques. New for this year, though, is the inclusion of 5 listener-created submissions! Yes folks, if you submit your music to BC (and we like it), we'll play it.
Straight-Ahead, Turn Left (77 minutes)
"Straight-Ahead" jazz on BendingCorners? Yes, you heard that right. But don't worry, this ain't your standard straight fare. This is BendingCorners after all. Its straight, with a twist; shaken, not stirred. Straight jazz with bent corners.
Alice in Wonderland (46 minutes)
BendingCorners tribute to the late great Alice Coltrane. On January 12th 2007 the jazz world lost another of its pioneers. Alice was a seminal player in the Kozmigroov spiritual scene and this is BC's take on her more mellow and moving material. Spark a J, relax, and float down stream.
Trigonometry (80 minutes)
Music fit for winter weather, this set explores the systemic, angular, and calculating side of jazz-n-groove; prefect for those long, dark, and frigid winter nights gazing up at the crystal clear sparkling stars.


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