2004 Archives

Strata Sphere (70 minutes)
Inspired by the Strata-East record label, this is a stratospheric jazz mix of artists on Strata and other similar labels.
Epic Jazz Brew (78 minutes)
Oh its a brew alright, its a freakin' Bitches Brew in there! Inspired by Miles' Bitches Brew era, this is a mix of brew styled cosmic jazz of epic proportions (and length). Its kozmic!
Hangin Onto Summer (78 minutes)
A summery feeling mix to celebrate the Bay Area's intermittent "Indian Summer" days of October.
Spaced Out (58 minutes)
A mix of truly spacey tunes from a number of different genres and eras. Space Folk, Space Rock, Space Jazz, Space Funk, Space Soul, Space Tech - Space Groove. The set starts off quiet and slow and builds momentum as it goes out... into space.
Out In Between (76 minutes)
Is it jazz? Is it rock? Is it electronic? Who knows, who cares. These tunes don't fit into a nice genre as they tend to fall inbetween categories and are often on the more "out" side of things. Though they are "out", and probably won't be heard on a dance floor anytime soon, they certainly do groove. Out Groove?
Jazzatronic 2003 (81 minutes)
A mixed set of our favorite "jazzatronic" tunes that were released in 2003. A Fine selection of music demonstrating the increasing fusion of jazz, electronics, and modern production. Note: unfortunately there is some minor bass distortion during the '2 banks of 4' tune and some high-end static during the 'hird' tune.


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