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Scandiland (88 minutes)
Acknowledging the arrival of Winter, this set explores the jazz scene of Scandinavia, where the winters are cold, dark, and gloomy, yet the jazz is blinding white hot. From 1972 to 2005, from Finland to Norway and Sweden, we travel the many styles and genres of scandinavian jazz.
Sonic Jazz Trek (78 minutes)
Another set in BC's ongoing series of kozmigroov explorations! A sonic trek through the space of cosmic jazz groove.
Warped Oscillations (50 minutes)
Warped, twisted, and distorted oscillations. This bonus set travels even further out in the land of echoes, reverbs, and dubs. This time however we seriously push the definition and boundries of "jazz", and explore the way out territory of warped oscillations.
Oscillations (77 minutes)
A vibrating trip through the land of echoes, reverbs, dubs, and askew wobbles. Spanning genres of jazz, future jazz, out rock, dub, afro-beat, and downtempo grooves, these sounds are indeed bending.
Spirits Within (72 minutes)
As a shout out to our musical brothers at Quincy Essential, this one digs into the spiritual side of the groove. The spirit is inside everyone of us, however we all experience and express it differently. The musicians in this set express their spirits uniquely as well. From modal moments and divine grooves to wailing saxes and soaring gospels, the spirit is definitely within.
(practice tolerance)
Desert Moments (64 minutes)
One for the burners. In celebration of Burning Man's 20th anniversary this mix is perfect for lazy moments around camp or solo desert strolls. If you need a break from busy camp life, or are just looking to chill, put on the headphones, play this mix, and head out toward the open desert.
WORD! (64 minutes)
We're bending a few corners with this mix: an exploration of poetry, scat, spoken word, cadence, and even rap in jazz-n-groove. From jazz scat and spoken word to reggae, afro-funk and early jazz rap in the 70's right on thru to the modern phusion of jazz, cadence, and electronics. Word to your mother!
Double Z (69 minutes)
Jazz ROCKS!! Putting the double "z" into jaZZ, this mix explores the heavy side of jazz. We've had enough of the nice and lite spring time grooves; things are getting hot outside and its time to heat it up here at the BC.
Nu Standards (65 minutes)
Keeping jazz alive for the young'ins, here is a batch of newer live instrumentation "21st Century Jazz" by some of the recent nu cats on the scene. Excuse the lame mixing, but do appreciate the selections.
Warm Fronts (69 minutes)
The sun is emerging from behind the clouds and the winds are blowing with warm air from the west. Celebrate the coming of spring with this mix of nu and classic emotive jazz. Plenty of flute, rhodes, and lite uplifting vibes!
Jazzatronic 2004 (77 minutes)
A set of personal "jazzatronic" favorites released in 2004. These tunes are the best examples from 2004 of the blend and fusion of jazz, beats, electronics, and modern production techniques.
Modes and Moods (62 minutes)
Lush, modal, and moody jazz for the love of February. Turn down the lights, spark a candle, cuddle up and get a slow groove on.
Cinematic Jazz Scenes (72 minutes)
A set of moody, smokey, and cinematic jazz for an invisible soundtrack. Close your eyes and picture sitting in a plush and comfy theatre chair while watching an imaginary film for these tunes.


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