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Best of 2009
BendingCorners' first annual "best of" list.
BC's favorite jazz-n-groove records of 2009.
Infinite Jazz Voyage (63 minutes)
BendingCorners' annual kozmigroov set where we voyage through the infinite space of cosmic jazz groove.
The Beatles: JazzBand (55 minutes)
Riffing off the recent release of The Beatles RockBand video game, BendingCorners releases a jazz and soul Beatles tribute, The Beatles JazzBand. As with most BC sets, this mix showcases the groovy side of the available material.
Russell's Electronic Sonata (60 minutes)
The innovative avant-garde composer and arranger George Russell became one with the cosmos last month. This is BendingCorners tribute to his masterpiece that is 'Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature'. Presented here is a 60 minute mix of the groovy parts of the Sonata from the 1968 and 1971 recordings.
SunFlowers (63 minutes)
Jazz grooves for summer vibes.
May Flowers (88 minutes)
A warm and cheerful set with pleasant and colorful grooves. There may or may not be "green shoots" in the economy, but there are plenty of new growth grooves in this mix. Spring showers bring May flowers!
Jazzatronic 2008 (66 minutes)
Its time for BendingCorners' annual showcase of standout "jazzatronic" tunes from the past year. Here are some of BC's favorite modern examples of the influence of electronics on jazz.
Aries Rising (56 minutes)
Heading into spring with set of adventurous and dynamic tunes. Expressive and full of energy, but not over done.
Chilled (82 minutes)
Its cold out there, and what better to do than chill out with a loved one in a haze of chilled grooves.
Freddie Flys (93 minutes)
Freddie flys, in more ways than one. This is BendingCorners tribute to the late great jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, who flew the coup just a few days ago. Presented in order of release are some of Freddie's most dope smokin' tunes from BC's favorite time - the early 70's. Freddie flys high.


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