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Mr. Dynamite (70 minutes)
The soulfather's body may be gone, but his music remains with us forever. And so thankful (for his music) we are! Like so many others, here is BC's take on the "James Brown Tribute", with an attempt to spotlight some of his more "jazzy" numbers. These aren't the most popular or well-known of his tunes, but they definitely got the groove! Pappa's bag has popped. Peace to you, brutha. RIP.
Interstellar Jazz Orbits (82 minutes)
Time again for BendingCorners's annual November excursion into Kozmigroov. This set makes orbits around many of the big and small players in the cosmic jazz groove field.
Fuzzadelic (83 minutes)
Another in BC's irregular series of heavy jazz-rock sets. This time we focus on fuzzed-out psychedelic sounds. Distorted guitars, modulated keys, and reverberated horns are all in the mix. Knob-twiddling for jazz heads.
Continental Beats (75 minutes)
A beat heavy set, where we explore the "infinite beat" of drums, bass, and percussion focused grooves from all six of the inhabitable continents. Beats from the North American, South American, African, European, Asian, and Australian(New Zealand) continents are all represented. Not world beat, but rather beats around the world.
So Full (74 minutes)
Continuing from last month's instrumental soul journey, this month the vocals take the stage. The many sides of "soul" are explored here. Jazz, soul, funk, disco, hip-hop, drum-n-bass, downtempo, house, folk, future, and nu are all represented. Soulful grooves indeed.
Soul Jazz (70 minutes)
Not so much "soul-jazz" per say, as more jazz with soul, or rather the soul of jazz. Unifying and uplifting, its an instrumental excursion of groove(food) for your soul.
Sundance (72 minutes)
A celebration of summer thats all over the musical map. There is a little something for everyone in this mix. From classic to modern with elements of jazz, soul, spirit, disco, house, latin, bossa, nu, and downtempo, these grooves all have an uplifting summertime vibe.
Medium Rare (72 minutes)
This is BendingCorners' take on the well worn path of "rare groove". The set starts with the traditional "rare" sound and moves thru more contemporary and progressive grooves and ends somewhat abstract.
Jazzatronic 2005 (70 minutes)
BendingCorners' annual set of the past year's finest "jazzatronic" tunes. A collection of jazz-based electronically-influenced groovers with modern production techniques.
Fission (73 minutes)
As a follow up to JazzDJ's Fusion set, BendingCorners brings you Fission, a showcase of grinding guitars and squelchy synths. Presented here in roughly chronological order we follow the progression of "fusion jazz" from beautiful guitars in the late 1960's, to fast and furious jamming in the early 70's, to heavy synth work in the mid/late 70's (capped on both ends by Miroslav Vitous).
Luscious (66 minutes)
Sweet, succulent, and slightly seductive, this set explores the lush and lovely side of jazz-n-groove.
Classic Architecture (79 minutes)
Classic cosmic jazz groove spun live, in the field, and on the fly. This is part one of a two part set in which BendingCorners provided the musical atmosphere for an architectural art show.


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