Classic Architecture (79 minutes)
Classic cosmic jazz groove spun live, in the field, and on the fly. This is part one of a two part set in which BendingCorners provided the musical atmosphere for an architectural art show.

artist song album time
Ramsey Lewis Trio People Make The World Go Round Upendo Ni Pamoja 0:30
Bobby Hutcherson Love Song Montara 3:40
Marco Di Marco Brazilian Waltz My London Friends 8:45
Herbie Mann If I Were A Carpenter Windows Opened 16:35
Buster Williams Batuki Pinnacle 22:00
Milt Jackson Sunflower Sunflower 35:30
Freddie Hubbard The Black Angel The Black Angel 44:00
Dave Douglas The Jones Strange Liberation 52:05
Kristian Schultze Set Stupsi Recreation 56:10
Hysear Don Walker Black Marble Complete Expressions Vol. 2 60:35
Smoke Curtis Everything 64:10
Bob James Nautilus One 69:45
The Philadelphia Experiment Philadelphia Experiment s/t 74:35

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Mon Oct 1 20:01:34 PDT 2007
mehrnoush said:
what is classic architecture?
Wed Nov 1 08:49:09 PST 2006
Moonlight said:
"Le Corbu...what?!" Great architecture indeed.
Mon Oct 9 03:29:14 PDT 2006
Ivan in Richmond said:
I was particularly blown away by SMOKE -well funky and very dark

Nice website - lots there to explore
Thu Feb 16 06:10:02 PST 2006
thebeathunters said:
great mix, lots of flutes and inspiring moods, perfect for this late winter times. i posted this marcoDm track when it was out a year ago (on the now closed naugahyde life blog) and completely forgot about it, nice to hear it again here among your classics (batuki). i'm totally into miles' cellar door sessions right now and i'm sure you do too! keep on vibin'!
Thu Feb 9 23:02:06 PST 2006
Jazzhead in Bangkok said:
Another great set. I don't think you guys know how to make a bad selection of tunes. :)
Tue Feb 7 01:33:25 PST 2006
mindwhack- singapore said:
Love this set- esp the "Marco Di Marco---Brazilian Waltz" , Herbie Mann--- If I Were A Carpenter" and "Milt Jackson---Sunflower". Thanks :)
Sun Feb 5 13:55:04 PST 2006
solotoo said:
Yay, always look forward to a new mix and you've not disappointed. Thanks guys.
Sun Feb 5 03:42:21 PST 2006
[Jazz Ghost] said:
I've heard of your other "Bending Corners" like Cinematic Jazz Scenes which by far is my absolute favorite.

I heard on that mix a track by "Cowboy Bebop" which you've played from Yoko Ono who was the Writer/ Producer, behide the aonsomble.
Which the track that you featured was off the "Cowboy Bebop Album" called : The Remixes.

I believe that song was Track 11: Fe (DJ Vadim Remix)made by DJ Vadim from Ninjatunes Records.

Anyway let me stop, and thank you for your efforts in Bringing nothing but the best in this mix.

Major,Major, Big-Up's


Sat Feb 4 09:39:29 PST 2006
Coach Fu said:
Love this one!
Wed Feb 1 05:16:50 PST 2006
Michael said:
this is really nice, wish I could've seen the exhibit with this playing!!! Good Work!
Mon Jan 30 13:33:44 PST 2006
David said:
Mmmmm... Nice!


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