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Best of 2010
BendingCorners' favorite jazz-n-groove records of 2010.
Our "best of" list this year contains: Hidden Orchestra, Bonobo, Jazz Chronicles, Jukka Eskola, Flying Lotus, Christian Scott, Marco Benevento, and more...
We Love Our ISP!
We notified our Internet Service Provider when we found out about the China MP3 sponge, and asked for any assistance with paying the bandwidth bill. They were so very kind and did infact cut us a deal, a good deal. Thank you Mac Mini Colo!.
All MP3s Disabled
Due to some network hogs, we have had to disable access to all our music files. Over a span of three weeks, a number of China-based servers have massively sponged our MP3s causing our bandwidth bill to skyrocket! We can no longer afford to offer access to any of our music. This is a very sad moment in BendingCorners' history.
Late and Slow
BendingCorners is running late and slow with our podcast productions. We completely missed October's set, and highly doubt we'll make November. We hope to still get out our year-end Kozmigroov mix. Life...
Bob Gluck's Mwandishi blog
A new book in progress by Bob Gluck traces the evolution of Herbie Hancock's music through 1973, focusing on the Mwandishi band. The title is: "You'll Know When You Get There: Herbie Hancock and the Mwandishi Band".
Gluck's new blog discusses the most poignant issues that have arisen in the process of writing the book, which should be out in a year.
The blog may be found at: http://bobgluck.wordpress.com.
Vanguard (66 minutes)
Late 1960's and early 1970's vanguard jazz guitar. Another in BendingCorners' occasional sets exploring the merge of jazz and rock styles. Guitar luminaries John McLaughlin and Larry Coryell are well represented.
Herbie Hancock: Energy In The Environment
A great JazzTimes article on the legacy of Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi album.
Crossfire (62 minutes)
A bit of fire and a bit of ice come together in this potpourri of 70s jazz groove.
Groove Is In The Art
Beautiful scans of "groovy" album covers by the owner of Jive Time Records.
Diplo's Chasing The Dragon Mix
BendingCorners is running behind on our July set, so in lieu of a BC set here is a great mix from Mad Decent.
A psychedelic journey into the mind of Mad Decent - Diplo Chasing The Dragon.
In-Page Audio Playing
We finally got around to "modernizing" this site, and installed an in-page audio player! (like, welcome to 2008 yall!) Now you can listen/stream the sets directly from the site while still reading the playlists and comments.
As time permits, we plan to eventually add the player to all of BC's previous podcasts.
Contemporary Corners (col. 1) (64 minutes)
This is the first in a series of sets where we explore the groove of contemporary jazz. If the tune was recorded in the 21st century, we consider it "contemporary". For this first collection, we highlight some of the artists that have been topping "the critic's charts" most recently.
Jazz Journalists Association Awards
Congratulations to Vijay Iyer, Darcy James Argue, and Pi Recordings for wins in their respective categories at this year's JJA Jazz Awards! If you haven't yet already, you should definitely pick-up Darcy James Argue's Secret Society Infernal Machines album. BendingCorners played a track from it in our Jazzatronic 2009 (space ways) set.
Herbie Hancock Mwandishi-era book
Bob Gluck is in the process of writing a book about the history and aesthetics of Herbie's Mwandishi band, tentatively titled "You'll Know When You Get There: Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi Band." More at http://www.electricsongs.com/mwandishimusic/
Nova Spirit Rhythm (45 minutes)
BendingCorners' tribute to the avant-garde jazz drummer Steve Reid who passed away last month.
Jazz Is Dead, Long Live Jazz
"Jazz may never again be a popular force, but it is still swinging if you know where to listen." AllAboutJazz.com
Jazzatronic 2009, part 2 (beat wise) (63 minutes)
This is the second part of BendingCorners' annual "jazzatronic" set, which is a twofer this year. As with all the previous jazzatronic sets, we showcase the past year's notable examples of electronically-affected jazz grooves. Part 2 gets wise with the beats.
Smokin' Electric Miles Covers
Another fine electric-era Miles Davis covers set: Gerry Gibbs And The Electric Thraser Orchestra
Jazzatronic 2009, part 1 (space ways) (65 minutes)
BendingCorners' annual "jazzatronic" set is a twofer this year. As with all the previous jazzatronic sets, we showcase the past year's notable examples of electronically-affected jazz grooves. Part 1 travels the urban spaces ways.
Herbie Hancock to score new Miles Davis movie
Don Cheadle's biopic of jazz legend Miles Davis has been slow to develop, but big news came recently when Davis' son and nephew said that Herbie Hancock had been tapped to score the film. read more.
A Few Changes
BendingCorners has been a fairly consistent podcast over the years, and its time for a few changes.

The most significant change (that regular viewer/listeners will notice) is the inclusion of blog posts on the home page. Instead of forcing readers to view a separate page for blog entries, we will be displaying blog posts here on the front page.

And speaking of blogging, we are going to increase the content scope of the site and post about notable "jazz-n-groove" releases, events, and other items of interest. But don't worry, BendingCorners is first and foremost a music podcast, and hour long sets of music will remain our main focus and number one priority.

The other noteworthy change (though it mostly just effects us) is the move of our "studio". Instead of our own dedicated music room, we are now set up in... a basement. But better that, than no space at all. Oh the sacrifices we make for the love of music. :)

Pisces Escapes (62 minutes)
Easy going, but never soft, this is an emotive set of cosmic jazz grooves to escape into a world of pleasant dreams.
Brasstastic (64 minutes)
Its a new decade which means its time to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with a bunch of blaring horns! This is BendingCorners homage to jazz band brass sections. Brass is fantastic!


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