Jazzatronic 2003 (81 minutes)
A mixed set of our favorite "jazzatronic" tunes that were released in 2003. A Fine selection of music demonstrating the increasing fusion of jazz, electronics, and modern production. Note: unfortunately there is some minor bass distortion during the '2 banks of 4' tune and some high-end static during the 'hird' tune.
artist song album
Erik Truffaz Turiddu The Walk of The Giant Turle
The Detroit Experiement Space Odyssey s/t
Madlib Stepping Into Tomorrow Shades of Blue
Two Banks of Four One Day Three Street Worlds
Big Bang Ping Pong Arriving Soon
Doctor Abstract Struck on Jazz 12" single
Hipnosis My Words 12" single
Hird I Love You My Friends 12" single
Koop Summer Sun (remix) Waltz For Koop Remixes
Sleepwalker Resurrection s/t
Nicola Conte Quite Nights Re:Jazz Re:Mix (comp)
Nu Tropic Pascalito's Theme On The Right Track (comp)
Briskey Conchita's Cabin Cucumber Lodge
Funky Lowlives Manteca 12" single

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