Its time again for BendingCorner's annual trip down the cosmic jazzways. Like previous years, this set travels amoung the celestial bodies of the kozmigroov elite as well as the cosmic underground. From well-known to unknown we set the needle on the space groove and expand to beyond.

  1. Alphonso Johnson - Pandora's Box
    (from: "Moonshadows" 1975)
  2. Pete Jolly - Plummer Park
    (from: "Seasons" 1970)
  3. Olli Ahvenlahti - Breeze
    (from: "Bandstand" 1975)
  4. Harold Alexander - Quick City Revisited
    (from: "Are You Ready" 1972)
  5. O'Donel Levy - Sierra Lonely
    (from: "Simba" 1973)
  6. Hysear Don Walker - Children of the Night
    (from: "Complete Experssions Vol. 2" 1972)
  7. Bernie Senensky Trio - Beloved Gift
    (from: "Ready or Not 2" (comp) - recorded 1975)
  8. Leroy Vinnegar - Doin' That Thing
    (from: "The Kid" 1974)
  9. Second Direction - Peace
    (from: "Four Corners" 1976)
  10. Weldon Irvine - The Power and The Glory
    (from: "Spirit Man" 1975)
  11. Cannonball Adderley - 74 Miles Away
    (from: "Phenix" 1975)
  12. Nat Adderley - Electric Eel
    (from: "You, Baby" 1968)
  13. Ramon Morris - Lord Sideways
    (from: "Sweet Sister Funk" 1973)
  14. Norman Connors - Carlos II
    (from: "Love From The Sun" 1973)

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Thu Mar 27 11:25:53 PDT 2008
o' tezz said:
it's beautiful...
Tue Mar 11 06:58:34 PDT 2008
tom s said:
nice, your cosmic mixes are the shizz.
Fri Jan 4 16:58:52 PST 2008
thebeathunters said:
great way to begin 2008
another flawless mix
when do you change your intro jingle?
Wed Jan 2 08:53:12 PST 2008
JazzDJ said:
Happy New Year to you at BC!!!

Thanks for this one, inspirational stuff ;-)
All the best for 2008 xxx
Wed Dec 26 10:31:23 PST 2007
steve.d said:
merry christmas BC peace be with you.
Fri Dec 21 19:28:36 PST 2007
The Red Cat said:
YeaH!Yesyesyesyesyeyssssssss.Gonna go deeper.
Tue Dec 18 21:01:57 PST 2007
"ji@nt" said:
Lord Sideways- Ramon Morris is one of the dopest songs 5 all time for me, perfect. Also, Leroy Vinnegar, is fresh too...I have both of these lps. Always in rotation.
Mon Dec 17 12:32:28 PST 2007
DEL said:
Thu Dec 13 12:30:42 PST 2007
jackson baird said:
just the way i like it, all that rhodes, mmmmm
Tue Dec 11 15:30:34 PST 2007
steve said:
my new favorite.
Tue Dec 11 14:03:21 PST 2007
steve.d said:
smokin'like goodrich on the strip,loved this set the especially bernie serensky track,thank you bc and well done.
Mon Dec 10 23:14:00 PST 2007
alx said:
for a cold month!
already one of my favorite BCs.
Mon Dec 10 21:08:07 PST 2007
Nick said:
Love it! Your kormigroove mixes have become the highlight of the musical calendar. Happy xmas to yous guys and good luck with your tech problems.
Mon Dec 10 16:31:03 PST 2007
andrew said:
this is a brilliant mix - i really, really dig it! thumbs up from London guys, keep up the good work.
Sun Dec 9 20:56:25 PST 2007
BC said:
About damn time! :)
Yes, we finally got some solid time this weekend to record this.
Everything went smoothly.
We be happy.


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