Zawinderful (78 minutes)
Jazz fusion legend Josef Zawinul passed away on September 11th and this is BendingCorners' homage to his genre-defining and category-bending music. The tunes presented here date from 1967 to 1975 and span Joe's three main groups: Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis, and Weather Report. All songs were composed by Joe and feature Joe on a range of keyboards.

group song album
Miles Davis Early Minor In A Silent Way Complete Sessions
Joe Zawinul In A Silent Way Zawinul
Miles Davis In A Silent Way In A Silent Way Complete Sessions
Cannonball Adderley 74 Miles Away 74 Miles Away
Joe Zawinul Doctor Honoris Causa Zawinul
Weather Report Waterfall Weather Report
Weather Report Orange Lady (live) Live In Tokyo
Weather Report 125th Street Congress Sweetnighter
Weather Report Nubian Sundance Mysterious Traveller
Weather Report Man In The Green Shirt Tale Spinnin'

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Tue Oct 7 19:36:24 PDT 2008
heresy said:
does somebody write down the time of these songs?
Tue Mar 18 07:14:22 PDT 2008
KEITH T NEVIN the globalmariner said:
Wed Jan 9 14:00:08 PST 2008
Rob said:
what's the tune starting at 17:06? Right after the "74 miles away" head ends? is it still 74 miles away? It's gotta be Shorter on the sax but the playlist does not seem to jive.

Whatever is starting ( or continuing around 17:06 is very hot.
Fri Nov 30 13:36:11 PST 2007
Phil said:
Thank you for reminding me of some wonderful music. The Man in the Green Shirt - 1977 all over again!
Mon Nov 26 20:55:22 PST 2007
Silverlakebodhisattva said:
How is it that "Dr. Honoris" isn't a standard by now?
Tue Oct 30 09:54:58 PDT 2007
Richmondboy said:
125th Street Congress is great on the original vinyl, for some reason my copy of the CD sounds poor - maybe they should digitally remaster it.
Tue Oct 16 01:31:15 PDT 2007
Ajarn said:
great music, Joe will be missed. RIP
Sat Oct 13 07:21:14 PDT 2007
stephane said:
I hear the post for the third times and it is really great. Thank you ++++
Fri Oct 5 20:46:07 PDT 2007
Will said:
I just hope they played in a Silent Way at his service.
Sun Sep 30 17:08:17 PDT 2007
Miles In The Sky said:
Saludos desde Chile a Bending Corners, que pone al día a todos los amantes del jazz moderno. Sigan así.
Joe Zawinul fue un gran músico, y su legado jamás se olvidará, ya que fue uno de los grandes exponentes del Jazz Fusión. En cada uno de sus grupos, sea en Weather Report, en la Zawinul Syndicate, o sus trabajos con Miles Davis, demostró el enorme talento que poseía, y, de paso, catapultó a la fama a muchos de los músicos con quienes tocó, en especial a Jaco Pastorius, quizás el mejor bajista eléctrico que haya existido.
Larga vida a ti, Zawinul, que tu música perdurará para siempre y dale saludos a Jaco allá en el cielo.
Tue Sep 25 18:47:22 PDT 2007
Ken Laster said:
Just awesome. Haven't heard Zawinul's first album and early WR in 30 years. Brought back such wonderful feelings and memories.

Check out my tribute to Josef and Max at:

BTW, what is that intro you use. I know it is something I listened to in the 70's but I can't figure out what it is???
Fri Sep 21 04:32:30 PDT 2007
Andy Hardy said:
I am looking forward to listening to this next week.I work with another guy who listens to anything.I am educating him slowly! Excellent track list,thanks.
Wed Sep 19 08:49:40 PDT 2007
Smitty said:
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!!!
Wed Sep 19 06:35:57 PDT 2007
MM said:
Great legacy in music. Beautiful podcast.
Tue Sep 18 13:23:54 PDT 2007
steve,d said:
rest in peace joe zawinul,a beautiful
Tue Sep 18 05:57:22 PDT 2007
djjjimmy said:
thanks for the tribute man.. :(
we were lucky to hear him in zagreb a couple of months ago. will try and search a photo to show you
Mon Sep 17 22:06:09 PDT 2007
Nick said:
RIP Joe, your music and compositions will never be forgotten. Respect BC for acknowledging his passing, and who better than you to compile a mix of his genre-defining music. Cheers.
Mon Sep 17 21:37:08 PDT 2007
BC said:
Joe: Your spirit, your music, lives on. Thanks for broadening our horizons.


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