BabyCorners, Hush (70 minutes)
Got an infant or toddler and are tired of cheesy new age baby lullaibies? Get hip, and try out this mix on your little one. It has been specifically designed for children, and their musically discerning parents. The music was carefully choosen to soothe, chill, and hush your child (and/or you) into a pleasant bliss.

artist song album time
Herbie Mann Paradise Beach Stone Flute
Jaco Pastorius Continuum Jaco
Erik Truffaz La Memoire du Silence Mantis
Miles Davis In A Silent Way (rehearsal) In A Silent Way Complete Sessions
Brad Mehldau Trio Alfie Day is Done
Michael Bluestein The White Sea Ambient Soul
Express Rising Cardinal, Fly Now self titled
The Album Leaf Wishful Thinking Into The Blue Again
Aerial Papa M Wedding Song No. 2 self titled
Rex oafish 3
Pullman Forty Fingers Viewfinder
Jet Black Crayon Life Vest Low Frequency Speaker Test
The Sea and Cake Black Tree In The Bee Yard The Fawn
Harold Budd The Real Dream of Sails The White Arcades
Global Communication 14 31 76 14

The music presented here is provided for personal and educational use only. All rights of the artist, manufacturer, and owner of the recorded works are reserved. If you enjoy any of the music showcased here, please support the artists, and buy their music!

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Wed Feb 20 03:29:15 PST 2008
RichmondBoy said:
I was blown away by Jacko Pastorius and Global Communication 14 31
Fri Jan 25 10:20:31 PST 2008
mamatang said:
more baby corners plz !
Sun Oct 21 00:38:29 PDT 2007
Dominique Prud'homme said:
Wow this is your best ever, in my humble opinion. So cool I can listen to it continuously while working. And with the rain outside (Brussels...) it's real magic. Many thanks for your time and care.
Tue Oct 2 06:04:31 PDT 2007
james muhammad - music of Al-Mursalat said:
thnx 4 sharing; its good 2 know u understand the value of music and its universality...the revolution will not be televised. As Salaam Alaikum
Sun Sep 16 14:21:30 PDT 2007
djjjimmy said:
after a long break, i found some time to listen to some bc.
the end blowed me away!!! nice!
Sat Jul 28 19:25:57 PDT 2007
Cenk AKYOL said:
Loved it! Jazz meets ambient, that's what I like. ANother rare example that chill out or easy listening doesn't need any downbeats.
Fri Jul 27 11:36:41 PDT 2007
Patrick D. said:
Congratulations and many thanks. You have introduced me to lots of interesting music over that last couple of years. Please don't pack it in any time soon. My 3 week old daughter is sitting here with me in a Baby Bjorn sling chillin' out to your lastest mix.
Wed Jul 18 21:07:35 PDT 2007
lecon—JPN said:
a la bonne heure.
Tue Jul 17 21:19:13 PDT 2007
Rajeev said:
Greetings from Bombay, India. Thanks a lot for the wonderful mixes.
Mon Jul 16 06:19:52 PDT 2007
steve.d said:
congratulations,keep on bending.
Tue Jul 10 20:18:24 PDT 2007
rainer said:
all of your mixes are tasteful ....
thank you
Mon Jul 9 13:33:53 PDT 2007
Gatonegro said:
Lovely mix, quite varied, and it was great to end with Global Communication, it's such a sweeet tune. The second track sounds like Gregory's Girl!
Sun Jul 8 14:27:34 PDT 2007
jt said:
truly blissy
Fri Jul 6 04:10:17 PDT 2007
karos said:
briljant! Even I fall easily asleep listing it ;) thanks for the pcast.
Thu Jul 5 23:52:03 PDT 2007
Nick said:
Congrats on your new edition, and thanks for the cool mix - sleep well.
Thu Jul 5 10:12:42 PDT 2007
Sam said:
Very beautiful music. I know I'll be falling to sleep to this in the many nights to come.
Thu Jul 5 08:20:33 PDT 2007
Tim said:
Best wishes for you and the (growing) family. Thanks again for all of the great music!


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