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Hidden Orchestra
Tru Thoughts (2010)

Emotive, lush, sweeping, and layered cinematic jazz grooves. Similar in style and sound to The Cinematic Orchestra, Bonobo, and Nostalgia 77. This was BC's favorite new release of 2010.

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Tired And Awake
Out Of Nowhere

Dusty Groove said:
One of the more deeply-thoughtful projects from the Tru Thoughts label in recent years - a mix of modern modes and creative jazz improvisation, with a feel that's somewhat like the Nostalgia 77 Orchestra! The group's led by Joe Acheson - who plays bass, zither, piano, bassoon, and a whole host of other instruments - with support from added keyboards, horns, strings, and more - but all laid out in a very open-ended, relaxed sort of way - usually starting from the fringes of hearing, then picking up a slight groove as the players feel their way beautifully into the music - all with a result that's almost as painterly as the image on the cover! The set is certainly one of the most sonically-sensitive releases on Tru Thoughts in recent years

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